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F. Kernes Bio

F (Franklin) Kernes is a writer, abstractionist, designer and #acrylicassassin. Heavily influenced by music and the world around him Kernes’ perspectives, personality, and energy are intertwined within his works. After a career in the graphic design world, this emerging creative artist has made a return to the brush as he wields acrylic and spray paint to attack large and small canvases alike.

At a young age, Kernes (with blaring headphones) was drawn to optical illusions, brain puzzles, and organic shapes in nature, themes which continue to appear throughout his pieces. His work is easily recognizable, and is characterized by brilliant backgrounds accompanied by bold, captivating black lines… The perfect producer / writer connection.

Multi-layered and complex, each piece takes on a life of its own, becoming that which the viewer’s own subconscious so chooses. Limitless interpretations make each one unique to the individual observer.

You are the artist to your own life, don't hand anyone else the paint brush

F. Kernes Artist Statement 2020

From beginning to end, I try to take the passenger seat and allow the piece to create itself. A struggle, controlled vs. free flowing energy and direction. Like the perfect producer/artist collaboration. Usually applying the paint with a fair amount of water, I am able to incorporate a very important natural element into an organic process. Building layers of color and orchestrating bold black lines while rotating the canvas creates a multi-directional finished piece. Both line and color working in harmony.

Even though the objective is not to create recognizable imagery (unless there’s something I just can’t resist), I find at times that current situations or experiences seem to seep from the subconscious, working their way into my work. I’ve always been interested in optical illusions, brain puzzles, and organic shapes in nature, themes which continue to arrive throughout my body of work. There is a complex simplicity, a marriage of background and foreground, seemingly endless compositions within compositions… but one line changes everything. These compositions are hypnotizing to the eye while the brain attempts to make sense of it all. Ultimately, making the work unique to every viewer.